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About Us

Our current world

Here at the Conscious Living Community we believe our 20th century version of society will not meet the challenges of a changing world, especially as we move into a demanding and complex 21st century. To position ourselves for a better world, we all must come together, decide upon a common goal and rise above vested interests for the greater good. We are reminded daily of the many challenges the world and society faces, it's crucial to see the importance of unification in solving our immediate and long term problems. The solutions require brave leadership from government, the corporate sector and discipline from society. The responsibility falls upon us all.

Our possible world

We believe society can create a better future, a future where everyone comes together, where there is courage and a commitment to challenge 20th century attitudes, beliefs, values, systems, norms and conditioning to unearth pioneering solutions, where humanity decides on how best to maximise the health and happiness of all. We see a future where every child leaves school with the tools and techniques to compentently navigate the social and emotional challenges required in a changing world. The corporate world balances profit with that of society and the environment. We have leaders with moral character filling 'positions of power' where the position 'demands them'.

The way forward

When enough say 'enough is enough' and commit to a new way. When we raise the awareness level of our thoughts and actions to what we 'see' and 'know'. We redefine what success represents in the 21st century; where 'peace of mind', 'health of body' and a 'positive purpose', are viewed as the foundation for success rather than money, power or adulation.  We can't change the world's problems with the same mindset that created them, it requires us to hold up our internal and external operating systems to determine if they will support us and society in a complex world. The world will change when enough decide on, 'what we value as a society' and align our actions to support a new direction. This will be achieved with open and honest debate, it's where we can discuss issues without seeing opposing views as a challenge to ourselves or the need to defend power bases. 

Thank you

We thank you on choosing to engage in a better world. A world in which you can help shape with a supportive and like-minded community. As a member of our community you have, or are prepared to challenge our conditioned and subjective world. It takes courage and commitment to hold up our internal support structures. We believe this is the way forward for a society choosing to live consciously.